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Why take this course?

We're overwhelmed by images.

Images are created, shared, and destroyed within seconds. In this scenario, which brands actually make an impact on us? An identity, or a brand, is no longer confined to just a logo; instead, it unfolds into a set of elements that shape a complex visual system.

Why take this course?

Sharpen your perspective.

Skillfully dissect visuals while comprehending nuances, identifying strengths, and pinpointing areas for improvement. This course is a collective exercise and a continuous journey of exploring methods, connecting knowledge, and unraveling what's behind authentic and successful visual identities.

Why take this course?

Build identities with a unique point of view.

Venture through case studies, discussions, and dynamic assignments: from conception and idea development to execution. Through direct mentorship, you will receive valuable feedback and sharpen your skills by developing a project with a solid conceptual foundation — culminating in a compelling presentation at course completion.

Engage in

Interact with seasoned instructors and a diverse peer group during live online classes. Dive into a unique learning adventure within our dedicated platform.


Carlos Bocai

Associate Design Director, Base NY

Julia B. Aguiar

Senior Designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie, previously at &Walsh, OMSE and Hardcuore.

What are you
going to learn
in this course?

Now and Then

An open conversation about Carlos & Julia’s careers and the challenges of navigating a competitive global design industry. Additionally, we will discuss the evolution of design over time and its influence on the emergence of trends throughout history.

What is a Reference?

Introduction to the process of creating a visual repertoire. We will discuss the significance of everyday observation as an exercise in critical analysis. We will also deconstruct the notion of "good design" by delving into trends, category codes and questions about Taste vs. Suitability while assessing pertinent projects.

The dialogue between visual and verbal

Emphasis on the significance of laying robust conceptual foundations as the primary step in crafting meaningful identities. We will explore research tools and idea generation techniques to facilitate conceptual visualization and the development of creative territories.

What makes a design system?

This module breaks down how a visual identity toolkit is composed of elements that work together as a system to communicate the brand personality. By analyzing how name, logo, typography, color palette, graphics, and art direction combine, we will delve into the scalability of these components across various platforms and levels of expression.

Experimentation and Creative Processes

An introduction to methodologies for generating solid and varied visual concepts while curating ideas into a compelling brand story. We'll explore practical examples of dealing with creative blocks, embracing experimentation, and highlight the importance of storytelling as a presentation tool for effectively advocating for your projects. To conclude, we will engage in an open conversation about a designer's responsibility as a creator.

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US$ 850,00

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Course Duration

6-week course.
7 classes — Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9.30pm EST

All classes take place live via Zoom. The links are automatically sent to your email and WhatsApp (optional). The sessions are recorded and will be available to students.

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making an impact
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with the market

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  • Who is this course for?

    This course is great for recent graduates, junior designers, or anyone looking to deepen their understanding of conceptual and systematic thinking.

  • Is the course more theoretical or practical?

    In general, the classes will have a greater focus on presenting concepts and exchanging ideas, aiming to expand your visual vocabulary and enhance critical analysis. However, the program includes practical activities to be completed outside of class hours. These individual activities are relatively short and optional, yet they enrich your learning experience, and you will receive feedback from instructors on them. Additionally, the course features a more extensive group project, which is a mandatory component, and one of the 8 classes is exclusively dedicated to providing guidance on this project.

  • How does the final assignment work?

    As a way to apply the learnings and discussions, the students are given a group project to be presented at the end of the course. They will receive 1:1 live mentorship as they work on designing a visual identity system for a music playlist of their choice. The groups will have approximately 3 weeks to work on the assignment until the presentation day, where they will receive feedback from instructors and a special guest.

  • Is each class structured around the topics from the outline above?

    Not necessarily. These topics will be recurring themes throughout the entire course and will likely come up in multiple classes.

  • What tools do I need? Will I learn how to use specific software?

    No, the course's scope does not include technical instruction on any software. However, certain activities may require familiarity with vector or image manipulation software.

  • How can I communicate with the instructors and peers?

    Upon application, you will be added to a private Slack group with instructors and other students. It is a place for questions, exchange of ideas, and inspiration, in addition to official communication and announcements.