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Aprender Design equips professionals to craft transformative experiences for organizations.

We believe that design entails envisioning pathways, comprehending contexts, and crafting products and services that seamlessly align with organizational strategies while meeting people's needs.

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How we do it?

Rich, in-depth content.

We deliver fundamental teachings deeply intertwined with market relevance and practical application.


Our program features highly experienced professionals who are actively engaged in ongoing dialogues and exchanges with students.

Practical training for real-life scenarios.

Our courses are crafted to address challenges faced by organizations.











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Training for beginners seeking
to master the fundamentals.

Some of our instructors

  • Letícia Pires, Product Design Director at QuintoAndar.
  • Giulia Fagundes, Independent Designer.
  • Lucas Luz, Art Director at &Walsh.
  • Barbara Wolff, Design VP at Jusbrasil.
  • Iana Alves, Product Design Specialist at Itaú Bank.
  • Luiz Abreu, Innovation Manager at Moleskine.
  • Renato Mendes, Portfolio Strategy Director at Afya.
  • Zeh Fernandes, Founding Designer at Resend.
  • Edgard Kozlowski, Design Lead at Work & Co.
  • Julia B. Aguiar, Senior Designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie NY and partner at Anywhere.
  • Jun Ioneda, Artist and founder at Estúdio Barca.
  • Marcos Rodrigues, Lead Interactive Designer at Porto Rocha.

Some of our

  • Accenture Song Logo

    We helped Accenture Song
    become a desired destination
    for designers.

  • iFood Logo

    We helped enhance the design team's skills at iFood.

  • Logo Work & Co

    We assisted Work & Co in discovering new talents.

  • Logo Warren

    We assisted Warren in training new collaborators.


Aprender Design has been one of the best partnerships in education we've ever had. At the time, we arranged training for the entire Fjord Brasil team. We sat down together and crafted a strategic path for the team, ensuring it would make a difference in each person's career trajectory. The course curriculum is meticulously designed, and I particularly highlight the selection of instructors. They manage to select the best teachers both in terms of content and teaching methodology. It was a tremendous pleasure to partner with them, and I continue to follow their exponential growth in various new courses to this day. I highly recommend them!

Roberta Philadelpho

Managing Director & Partner,
Accenture Interactive / Fjord

Purchase Models

Model 1

Aprender Design at your company

In-company courses

We offer bespoke classes tailored for your company, adhering to the identical syllabus and course schedule as the open course. These live online sessions are conducted during business hours and can accommodate up to 25 employees per group.

Customized learning journeys

This model caters to teams seeking a tailored learning path with customized content to address their specific needs and challenges. We can design a course from scratch, incorporate or adjust content from existing courses to suit your requirements.

Model 2

Your company at Aprender Design

Team Bundle

If you wish to enroll multiple employees at once in Aprender Design's open classes, we offer discounts starting from five registrations.

Save class spots

If you're unsure which employees to enroll or in which course, we offer job slot packages. Your company can secure a certain number of registrations at a fixed discounted rate. Throughout the year, you can then select the professionals and the courses each will participate in.

Model 3

Other formats

Talent Pool

Thousands of students have already gone through our courses, and our teachers have been closely involved with each one during classes. We maintain a talent bank comprising the most outstanding students, and we can assist your company in its talent search challenges.

Sponsor Scholarships

Since day one, our school has been offering scholarships to students from underrepresented groups in the market, those working on socially impactful projects, or those unable to afford course fees. Your company can partner with us in this initiative.

Content Creation

We can incorporate case studies from your company into our courses, brainstorm new courses from scratch, and your company can support the school in the content we've already created, such as articles, podcasts, and books.

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